Worth it? Part 3: Law School

It’s officially been over one year since my last blog post, and I only managed to write two posts during my entire three years of law school. As I end yet another phase of my life, I wanted to share my parting thoughts.

I graduate law school on Sunday. Pretty amazing?! After three years of classes, reading, exams, it will be finally over (of course, I need to take the bar still…). As I did after returning from the YAMs program, I will reflect on the value of attending law school.

I began law school because while I was working in Dallas, employers, workers, the court system, almost everyone constantly reminded me that I was not an attorney.  Therefore, I could not do all the necessary things for the members of Workers Defense Project. So I realized that to become the most effective advocate for the community, I needed to become a lawyer. I assumed that I would go to law school and then return to the non-profit direct legal services world. But, as many of you know, I will not be returning to the non-profit direct legal services world but instead took a job as an associate with a law firm in DC. As has been a theme of mine, my path turned and has led me into a different place.

So given that my path has yet again turned, was law school worth it? Was it worth the tens of thousands of dollars of additional student loan debt? Was it worth the stress?

Unlike my previous post, Worth It Part 1 and Part 2 on the subject, this answer is super easy. Of course it was worth it because law school enabled me to pursue my career. I am so excited to become an attorney, and I am excited to become an associate at the firm.

I joined the YAMs program to find something. Through the program, I found a career, and law school was the only way for me to get there.


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