Why I’m voting for Hillary, and Why I never wanted to vote for Bernie

As I’m sure most of you know, I am a big Hillary supporter (and have always been) but I wanted to explain my motivations for supporting Hillary particularly in light of the DNC email  “scandal.” For the following reasons, I proudly vote for Hillary Clinton and never wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders.

  1. Because Hillary fights for working women including equal pay and paid family leave. I grew up with a single mother who went to school full-time and worked full-time. I recently learned that one of her co-workers filed an equal pay complaint with the EEOC and did not receive any pay for five years while waiting for a decision. Five years. I also know that over a lifetime women make on average $400,000 less than their male counter-parts. I have no doubt in my mind that my mother is one of those “average women.” Where would my family be if she had an extra $400,000?? I also know that as I get older and think about having children, I consistently think about the right “time.” (Whether there is ever a right time for kids is another blog post entirely) but still, I think about what it means looking for a job as attorney pregnant or trying to get pregnant my first few years as an associate. Will I find a job pregnant? Will I have any leave to be pregnant or have a baby? If I wait another year, can I find a job with a young child? I don’t know. And that’s a problem. Of course,the president cannot solve this problem but at least Hillary GETS it. She doesn’t need a briefing on it, she doesn’t need congressional hearings or reports because she’s LIVED it. Like every other woman in this country.
  2. Because Hillary has spent decades fighting for women and children. All I’ll say: 1995 Beijing Year of the Woman and CHIP. Decades.
  3. Because Bernie is a socialist and I am not. I support a vast majority of socialist ideas but I am not a socialist because socialism at its heart is about economics and economic inequality. Socialism tends to ignore other social influences, predominantly racism and sexism and how those also cause persistence social inequality. Of course, economic inequality is a very large problem and responsible for a vast majority of our social problems. But not every problem will be solved by regulating Wall Street. In fact, I think very few problems would be solved by regulating Wall Street or campaign finance or higher taxes. While extremely important, solving our economic inequality will not address racist attitudes and rampant sexism.
  4. Because Hillary is woman. Woman only won the right to vote in 1920 after 80 years of fighting for it. We have only had the right to vote a little bit longer than it took us to win it. The Constitution itself refers to the President as “he” and “him.”
  5. Because Hillary has the experience and grace to lead this country. She has the most political experience of any candidate (including Bernie) and has navigated through crisis with poise and grace.

Those are my reasons. As we finally move into the general election, I implore everyone to VOTE, especially my peers. We (millenials) must stop letting everyone else decide our future for us, and one way to do that is to VOTE. Next, remember that a Trump/Pence White House is fundamentally a Republican White House with all the bells and whistles of a Republican platform. I was disappointed in 2008, but I knew that a McCain/Palin White House would not make me feel any better. Finally, if you don’t like Hillary, I invite you to really think about why? Do you know her personally? Has she been mean to you? What has she lied about? I understand if people disagree with her platform and the policies that she wants to implement, but I have a hard time understanding people refusing to vote for her because they don’t “like” her.

The presidential election is not a popularity contest. It’s not a vote for “most popular” or “most likeable” in high school. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Who you “like” shouldn’t matter. What matters to me is: what policies do the candidates stand for and how will they fight for those policies in office?


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