Worth it? Part 1- Dallas

I left Dallas one month ago, and I finally am able to find sometime to reflect a bit on my life in Dallas. So here is goes…

A few days ago, I ate lunch with a friend, and she asked me “was it worth it?”. (We have been friends for a long time, and she possesses in depth knowledge of the past three years of my life) Her question jarred me because it HAD to be worth it. Right? These three years HAD to be worth it! I moved away from my friends, my family, moved my life multiple times, made new friends, learned new cities, new languages, lived below the poverty line, dealt with public transit in Dallas for 17 months, and watched my new friends endure deep, deep injustice in their daily lives. So I immediately answered with an emphatic “OF COURSE!”

But I still thought about it because wouldn’t it just have been easier to find a cushy job and stay in either DC or Philadelphia?? I would have a savings account, been here for births and weddings, and maybe not “missed” so much. So, was Dallas worth it??

OF COURSE! Because of the community that I found in Dallas and became a member of, and the AMAZING food I ate. But also,

OF COURSE! Because I learned what being an attorney working with low-income communities would mean by working at the Workers Defense Project. I know what it feels like to give some a check for the three months of wages that they earned but didn’t receive. I know what it feels like to encourage someone to keep fighting for those three months of wages one year later when they don’t know if their fight it worth it. And I know how it feels to tell someone that they might never recover those three months of wages.

And I want to keep doing this type of work with all of the tools at my disposal, with all of the knowledge that a law degree will give me, so that I can tell more people that the law is on their side instead of telling so many people that the law is against them.


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