Happy One Year!

I arrived in Dallas one year ago today, and honestly, it’s been a hard year.

It began by starting all over again. I moved for the third time in three years, and then I started all over. I had another new job, another new organization, new friends and a whole new community. And everything being new is what made it so hard. In 2012, I was prepared to leave for HK; I was ready. But in 2014, I was not ready to do it again. I was not ready to repeat the process of adapting and integrating into a new community. Plus, I decided to take the LSAT.

So, I spent at least half of the past year vacillating between meh and unhappy. I experienced many moments of joy and happiness during this time, but for large portions of it, I was struggling with missing my life in HK in addition to continuing to miss my friends and family back home. I also spent large portions of my time studying, and no one likes studying for the LSAT.

I turned a corner in December (mainly due to the LSAT finally being over), but also because I finally began to feel deeply connected and integrated in my community here in Dallas. I realized that I had developed meaningful friendships with my housemates and co-workers. Plus, I had grown to love Dallas.

So a year later, I am fully adjusted again AND excited for my next steps.


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