“Will” of the People?

It’s been about three weeks since the midterms elections, and honestly, I’m pissed but probably not for the reason that most people might think. Obviously, I’m not happy about the results, but those results were the “will” of the American people. And this is my point: were they really the “will” of the American people?? How could those results be reflective of the country as a whole when voter turnout was the lowest since America was fighting in World War II. Only 36.4% of eligible voters cast a ballot on Nov. 2014. Even more disappointingly, only 13% of people between the ages of 19-29 voted. The will of the American people?? Try the will of less than half.

I know, I should not be surprised that voter turnout was low amongst those my age. It’s always low among people ages 19-29, blah blah blah. Excuses. I’m not OK with that “explanation.” As a generation, we should not be OK with that “explanation.” We should not be OK with the fact that no one expects us to vote. We should be not be OK with the fact that we are letting people twice (or more) our age decide policies that will affect our (not theirs) future. A Congress twice our age is mortgaging our future. It refuses to take action on climate change or fix ailing federal infrastructure or address serious debt issues. And yet, they will not inherit the consequences of their action (or lack of action). They will be “grandfathered” into changes in medicare or social security. We will face an East coast under water. We will watch the bridges collapse and the power grid fail because nobody took care of it. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic but this will be our future if nothing changes.

I think that it’s time that we stop letting everybody else makes decisions that will affect our future. So if you are registered to vote, and didn’t vote. VOTE next time. If you’re not registered to vote, get registered, you’ve got plenty of time.



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