Caroline Smith and myself at Senior Banquet our final year at Smith.

One last post about my transition back to the US, and it’s about friends.

I am incredibly blessed to have a number of really fantastic friends, and through the mission intern program, I have made even more really great friends. I am also blessed to have had the opportunity to live with (or in the same city) as my best friends for the past few years. And now that I am back in the US, this is the first time in quite a few years that I have not lived with or near my best friends. My closest friends are all across the country from Texas, mainly on the East Coast or in the Midwest.

Over the past two months, I found myself (yet again) needing to make new friends. Don’t worry! I have made several new friends who will become awesome friends over this next year, but making friends is hard. Making friends means becoming part of a new community and leaving part of your old community behind. It means having the same conversations (where did you go to school? what do you do? where are you from?) over and over again, until you can finally move into the deeper stuff. And it means building trust with a whole new crop of people.

When I left for Hong Kong, I never imagined that Beth and I would become essentially inseparable. We did everything together to the point that people would always ask “where’s Katie/Beth” to one of us if the other was missing. My roommate at Smith College and I were also inseparable until people began to call us “Carolatie.” Both of these friendships took time to develop and build trust, and of course, I got to live with both of them!

So now that I’m in Dallas, I find myself yet again without not one but two of my best friends. But I also need to remember that two months into my life at Smith or my life in Hong Kong, I would never said that those two crazy women would become my best friends. So I need to remember to give Dallas a chance. The same way that I was excited to start at Smith and be in Hong Kong, I am excited to be in Dallas. And I have already found several awesome communities to be a part of and am excited to see what develops.




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