Katie, You’re not on the East Coast Anymore Part 2

So I’ve decided that for the next few months, I will continue posting about the cultural differences between Texas and the East Coast in a way similar to my “HK Fun Facts” because Texas really is truly different from other parts of the country. So here are the next couple of differences that I encountered the past couple of weeks:

  1. Good Friday in the Bible Belt is practiced by many and thought to be a federal holiday. I gently reminded a couple of people that “no, Good Friday is not an official holiday.There is still mail.” Most people take the day off as well.
  2. My housemates reviewed tornado procedures with me and told me about our safe location (the bathroom under the stairs with no windows). I’ve experience fire drills, lockdown drills and hurricane drills in school but never tornado drills.
  3. We did a country line dance in Zumba on Saturday.

Only in Texas….


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