Katie, You’re not on the East Coast Anymore

I moved to Dallas almost one month ago, and so far I love Texas, but it is definitely a different culture than the East Coast. As most of you know, I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, went to college in Massachusetts and then moved to Philadelphia. I also have family throughout New York state and even in South Carolina, so I am fairly familiar with large parts of the East Coast. However, I have not spent any significant time west of West Virginia.   

Texas has a reputation on the East Coast, and some of that reputation is less than positive, so I was honestly a little nervous about what I would encounter when I moved here. But as I said, I really do love Dallas, so here are some of my favorite “culture shock” moments after moving here. 

  1. Almost every store has a sign posted outside that gently reminds the public that it is an offense to bring an unlicensed weapon inside the premise without a license. 
  2. One of my housemates said “well, I reckon” at dinner a few weeks ago.
  3. I currently know two people from Nebraska. I had never met anyone from Nebraska before. 
  4. Albertson’s and Tom Thumb are grocery stores. 
  5. Employers may opt-out of offering workers compensation. 
  6. I am already excited to go to the state fair so that I can eat deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and see Big Tex in person. 
  7. My “East Coast” shows occasionally, especially when I say certain words or phrases and people don’t understand me. 
  8. The food, especially Mexican and Tex-Mex, is plentiful, full of variety, spicy, and delicious! 
  9. Texas is a VERY large state. One person explained it to me as: “if you flip Texas up, it borders Canada, to the right, in the Gulf of Mexico and to the left, the Pacific Ocean.” 
  10. I am back to being the most radical person in just about any situation! (This is generally true on the East Coast as well, but was not true in Hong Kong)  

I am excited to continue my journey in Texas, and hopefully I will have the opportunity to visit other cities and continue to explore this part of the US. 


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