An Open Goodbye

My fellow mission intern (Beth Mcrill) and I had the opportunity to attend to “farewell” parties in our honor yesterday and on Sunday. On Sunday, I did not get to address everyone due to technical difficulties and last night, I found it difficult to address everyone due to emotional difficulties i.e. me crying like a baby. So I want to take this time to say goodbye and dedicate this blog post to my HK family.

To all my ates (sisters), titas (aunts) and lolas (grandmothers) on Chater Road and in Victoria Park: from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for feeding me, sheltering me, dancing with me, and teaching me. Thank you for opening up your hearts to me and welcoming me into your community. Your commitment and passion to improve the conditions for your fellow Filipinos, Indonesians and fellow migrants amazes me.

To the APMM and Mission staff: Thank you for teaching me about the meaning of advocacy and organizing and showing me how much work it takes and how hard it can be but also how much fun and how rewarding.

To my fellow YAMs, YASCs and other friends: Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for eating with me, watching TV and movies with me, laughing with me and occasionally crying with me. Thank you for listening to my challenges and frustrations and understanding that sometimes listening is the only thing can be done.

To everyone here in HK: It has been a privilege working with all of you over the past 17th months. I feel honored and blessed to have been a part of this community. I have learned so much about so many things from each and everyone of you, and I will never forget you or these lessons. You all care deeply and passionately about justice for the migrant community and have inspired me to do the same. If I can display half as much passion for my work in my life as all of you do everyday, then I will consider myself a success. I will miss all of you.

Long live international solidarity!


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