21. HK Fun Fact #21

21. This fact actually about the Philippines since I am in the Philippines right now. I also hope to post something more substantial soon, but this is what I’ve got….A two-day pack of relief supplies costs Migrante International about 500 Philippine Pesos to purchase. That’s less than 12 USD. This pack includes rice, beans, dried fish, cookies, bottle of water, cooking oil and canned goods. It can feed a family of four for two days.

Typhoon Yolanda affected about 11 million people in the Philippines. The official death toll is around 5,000 but estimates range as high 12,000. Relief is only now beginning to reach people in any real way. So please consider donating to either UMCOR or NAFCON.

When was the last time you used 12 USD to change someone’s life?


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