How to Become Me (or Hire Someone like me)

Global Ministries just began its application cycle for the Global Mission Fellow program, formerly the Mission Intern program (the program that I am currently participating it). This means that they are looking for young adults from all over the world between the ages of 20-30 to apply for this program. I know that many of you are my friends and family meaning that you either have a career (or sort of have one) or are outside the required age range. So I ask you to spread the word. Tell anyone you can think of that might benefit from my kind of experience. Here are some basic facts and criteria for candidates: 

  • Ages 20-30
  • Program duration is either 2 years in the United States or roughly 2 years in a country outside of one’s home country
  • Global ministries accepts applicants from all over the world, although they need to speak English
  • The goals of the program are for young adults to: Engage with local communities. Connect the church in Mission. Grow in personal and social holiness.

Global Ministries also needs placement sites in and outside the United States. The main criteria are:

  • The organization should be a church, faith-based, ecumenical or community organization.
  •  Organization should be committed to addressing critical justice issues and involved in ministries of human liberation. Specifically, community empowerment and development, women’s rights, migration/immigration, environmental concerns

So if you know individuals or organizations that might be interested in joining a super cool program like this one, please tell them about it, give the website and/or my email ( I would be happy to answer any questions.

The first application deadline is November 15 and the second deadline is January 15.


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