A True Hong Kong-er

My office (APMM) and the Mission recently added several interns to its summer staff, some are even from the US! While I love being around Americans again, (although it’s kind of weird!), I realized that I have become completely adapted to a number of special HK quirks/habits.

1. Many of the subway stations (MTR) here have interchanges directly across the platform. Most HK-ers will sprint across the platform to make sure that they are on the train. When I first got here this seemed odd because if you miss the train, the next one is RIGHT behind it. (The trains run every 2 minutes here) However, now I also sprint because I cannot wait two minutes!

2. I use an umbrella in all weather; rain or sun. In the US, this always seemed odd to me, but here it is imperative that you carry shade with you at all times.

3. Someone asked me recently what the emergency number is and I said 999 without even thinking “US? or HK?”

4. I no longer convert currency amounts. In fact, it sometimes takes me a second to convert it back into US dollars!

5. When I am in elevator, I press the close door buttons repeatedly until the doors close. (This is a VERY HK thing)

6. When I first arrived, I immediately noticed how people wait for the walk signals and cross at cross walks the majority of the time. I now also wait for the light to change.


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