6 Months Later….

HK is a truly fabulous city, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to live here for such a substantial amount of time. I arrived in HK six months ago, so I wanted to honor this anniversary of sorts with a list of skills,and  valuable lessons learned:

1. I can now use chopsticks like a boss. (Well, not quite, but better than when I first arrived)

2. You can find anything that you could possibly ever imagine/what/need in HK. The question becomes where? and how much you are willing to spend? You might need to take an entire day to track down a potato masher for example.

3. The words “small” and “cramped” have taken on entirely new meanings.

4. I value the “little pleasures in life” and appreciate them more than before. Things like real coffee versus instant, and having an oven (it’s the size of a toaster oven, but it works!).

5. Try new foods but always in small bites and portions b/c 9 times out of 10 what looks like a dessert is really a part of the chicken/pig/cow that we don’t usually eat.



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