Covenant Sunday

Last Sunday was Covenant Sunday, so the reverend at the Methodist International Church preached about our need to recommit ourselves to be in relationship with God. He outlined four components of how we should think about our relationship with God: Look back and thank God, Look up and seek God, Look around you and serve God, Look around you and trust God. Here are some of my reflections on these ideas:

Look back to 2012: As I look back to last year, I have so much to thank God for. I had the opportunity to move to Philadelphia and live with and near my closest friends. I also paid my rent and loan payments on-time every month. Finally, I entered into this program and moved to Hong Kong. I prayed for months to find a job, something that I was passionate about, and God answered my prayers.

Look up and seek God: I continue to “look up” and find ways to seek God. I am trying to read the New Testament while in Hong Kong, and I also joined a bible study to help engage with my faith. Still an ongoing process…

Look around you and serve God: As a mission intern, I serve God in name everyday because this program focuses on a commitment to social justice through faith. However, I still struggle to serve God in my personal relationships. In this week’s sermon, Reverend Howard said that a life lived in grace looks like a life of love. To live with grace requires that we love another as we love ourselves. I strive to live with grace but continue to find it so difficult to accomplish on a daily basis.

Look before you and trust God: As I enter another year, I will definitely trust God. The difficulty is realizing the difference between doing something because you believe that it’s what God actually wants for your life and convincing yourself that God is calling you to do something because you really want it but God doesn’t.

Some ideas to start out the year.


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