HK Fun Fact #7

7. As most of you know, I enjoy running and swimming to stay in shape and help me maintain my sanity. I am incredibly luckily to have access to amazing facilities in HK to aid me in this endeavor. I try to swim twice a week, and I get to swim in a 10 lane 100 meter pool (i.e. olypmic size). It’s fabulous. (This facility also has two 25 meter pools, one for diving and one for recreation indoors and an outdoor pool facility.) I also try to run twice a week. I usually go to a park about 4 blocks from my apartment. Also, a lovely place with a turf field, basketball courts, a playground and a path to run on.

However, I feel like I am playing frogger. Both in the pool and on land, you have to dodge slow moving old people and children. On land, you get the added excitement of winding around cars that won’t stop for you and people pushing carts full of various delivery items. So, there is rarely a dull moment when trying to exercise in HK!


One thought on “HK Fun Fact #7

  1. Katelyn,
    Hello I am the administrative assistant to the Director of Justice and Global Mission office here at the Virginia Annual Conference. I have received a piece of mail for you from a young girl in Ohio and I would love to send it to you. Would you please send me a mailing address? Grace and Peace to you. Terri

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