First Impressions

I arrived in Hong Kong almost a week ago, and I wanted to share a few photos the capture the essence of this city. My first impression: this city is super cool and has tons of skyscrapers. Welcome to my new home base!

The view across Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong Island.

I’m staying in hostel until the end of September, but I have AC, internet and a TV. so the accommodations are awesome. I spent this past week exploring the city and meeting my co-workers.

So much neon!

View from the tram.

I already feel at home and comfortable in this city, and I can’t wait to experience everything it has to offer. I’m also very excited for my first full week of work.




2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I met you at your commissioning service (I’m Rebecca Dean’s mom.) I just want to let you know I’m praying for you! Glad to hear that you are settling in and I’m looking forward to learning more about what God is doing through you.

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