Radical Feminism

I am a self-proclaimed radical feminist. This means that I believe and am willing to fight for equality between men and women. Our society has not reached the equality that I desire, but I argue that if we work together, we can achieve true equality in my lifetime.

What do I mean by equality? I envision a world in which neither men nor women feel encumbered or defined by their assigned gender roles. Men and women will operate as partners equally reliant upon each other in the family unit. Women should not have to ask men for help with the housework or taking care of the children. Men should feel responsible for those duties as part of his role in the family.

How is that radical? Maybe for some of you my definition of equality is radical enough, but I will take it one step farther by saying that currently most women have put themselves in tight position. The women’s movement of the 1960’s gave women the opportunity to “have it all.” Now, I can have a family and a career! I am ever grateful for the sacrifice of women before me, but our fight isn’t over. I don’t want to have two full-time jobs. I want a husband who feels equally responsible to take care of his children as he does to provide for them. (I remain hopeful that he is out there!)

My dream requires a dramatic reorientation of how men and women interact. Once men and women truly value each other’s contributions to society and see each other as partners, then women can attain equality in all facets of society.


2 thoughts on “Radical Feminism

  1. Excited to be reading your blog, lady! Hope tomorrow’s flight is safe and swift.

    And also—yes girl yes to this post!

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